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Eight major forms of classical dance

There are eight major forms of Indian classical dance, each with its own distinct style and origin.

Bharatanatyam is a form of dance from the southern state of Tamil Nadu. 

classical dance


Kathak is a form of dance from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

classical dance


Kuchipudi is a form of dance from Andhra Pradesh.


Odissi is a form of dance from the eastern state of Odisha.


Kathakali is a form of dance from Kerala.

classical dance


Sattriya is a form of dance from Assam.


Manipuri is a form of dance from the northeastern state of Manipur.


Mohiniyattam is a form of dance from Kerala.

Each form of Indian classical dance has its own unique features and benefits. Bharatanatyam is known for its graceful movements and intricate footwork, while Kathak is known for its dynamic energy and expressive facial expressions. Kuchipudi is known for its graceful movements and use of props such as fans and umbrellas, while Odissi is known for its lyrical quality and use of mudras (hand gestures).

Kathakali is known for its dramatic storytelling and use of colourful costumes, while Sattriya is known for its devotional themes and use of music and song. Manipuri is known for its gentle movements and fluidity, while Mohiniyattam is known for its feminine gracefulness and use of elegant hand gestures.

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